Sunday, May 31, 2009

~ sunday to sunday ~

Anticipating summer and feeling relaxed and peaceful on this gorgeous day, I'll let these pictures mainly speak for themselves, and for what we've been up to the last week.

Homestead Park -- Hilliard's home to an historic Ohio barn as well as an old blue train caboose; also many playgrounds, walking paths, and a cute covered bridge:

Gonna catch that train...

Early summer blooms:

Pretty sights from a morning walk on Memorial Day at Heritage Park , formerly the Rosedale Farm, home to the Everal family in the late 1800s :

The Everal Barn

Knock knock, anybody home at the Carriage House?

I liked the look of this old latched coal chute on the front of the chimney.

We weren't the only family out enjoying the lovely morning

Not the greatest gardeners, we spent a lot of time this week on our prettiest landscaping project yet -- still a work in progress.

Hope yours was a beautiful week, too, with another one to come!


Cheryl said...

First thing - you garden looks lovely! I love container gardening - lots of flexibility.

And thanks for these great park ideas for when we get home. I've actually never been to either on of these parks. It looks like you had a great time :) What's your favorite park in Columbus if you had to pick? Or top 2!

katie said...

Oooh, that's a toughie! How about if I divide them into categories?

Garden Park--this is actually what we call Inniswood at our house. It's great b/c of the ponds w/ frogs & turtles, the various gardens, and the water wheel play area in the Children's Gardens.

Hiking Park--Blendon Woods. Their trails are very nice and the Nature Center there is also much nicer than most.

Playground Park--Fancyburg Park in Upper Arlington. Although, now that we've been to Homestead Park, I might call it a tie. However, Homestead is quite a trek for us. Both have tons of variety in terms of playground equipment and you'll find things suitable for all ages.


Cheryl said...

Have you guys been to the Spray Park in Dublin? It's soooo much fun. Margaret actually was the one to tell me about it last summer, so I'm sure you know about it too. I'm looking forward to going there when we get home. xx

katie said...

Yes, the spray park is great! Homestead apparently also has a splash park portion.