Saturday, June 13, 2009

quick tag

a bloggy friend tagged me with this quick little meme, and i thought i'd churn it out to leave you with some fun before we head out on vacation. apparently, the categories have been narrowed from 8 responses down to 4, which i fully support. (some of these tag games are so fun, but also sooooo loooong!)

4 things i'm looking forward to

::finishing the book i'm currently reading (water for elephants--it is so good!)

::taking pictures of J's feet as he walks in the sand on vacation

::taking J to his first baseball game tomorrow

::remodeling our bathroom (someday)

4 things i did yesterday

::went to the zoo

::took a nap

::ate a piece of pattycake vegan bakery's chocolate-raspberry cake

::laughed A LOT, especially when J and the two boys we were babysitting did this:

4 things i wish i could do

::travel more often


::get a weekly massage

::live near water

4 tv shows i watch

::the office

::30 rock


::i want to start watching 'a place of our own' on pbs

4 places i'd like to travel




::yellowstone national park

4 places i've lived

::columbus, ohio is actually the only place i've lived, so the next 3 are places i'd love to live

::camden, maine

::santa fe, new mexico

::portland, or

OK, your turn! If you're reading this, you're tagged!


Jenni said...

So glad you played :) Have fun on vacation and you'll have to let me know if you ever move to (or even visit) Portland.

katie said...

Thanks, Jenni, I sure will! :)

Beth said...

This was a nice and easy one to ease my way back into posting.

Stephanie said...

Oooh. I want to go to Yellowstone too! The photos that I have seen are just breathtaking.

How did you like living in Portland? I have heard that it's a very progressive and fun city.

katie said...


I wish I HAD lived in Portland! I've only lived in one city, so that was my list of cities I'd like to live in. :)

Thanks for visiting!