Thursday, October 14, 2010

Oops: A Follow-Up to Babywearing Pride

I have to share this as a follow-up to my post earlier this week on babywearing.

I was wearing N at the park yesterday while J and I were gathering acorns. I had noticed an older lady (with granddaughter) looking our way a few times. My immediate thought was that she was staring at N in my Gorgeous Baby pouch sling and passing judgement.

This had happened to me before. When N was just a few weeks old, J and I were out for a much-needed walk with N in the mei-tai when a nosy neighbor stopped me and lectured me on how she had seen "such bad things about those on the news". I politely responded that everything was fine and that I felt confident wearing her and that she was happy.

The lady stepped closer, peered in at N and continued to stare until she saw N make a little twitch. To which she replied, "Oh good, she is breathing." To which I replied, "Come on, J, let's get on with our walk."

So, yesterday afternoon, on the way to her car, I was not surprised when the staring lady approached us and said, "Be careful with those..."

My babywearing-defense radar went crazy and I opened my mouth to kindly but firmly refuse her unsolicited 'advice' when she continued, "We took some home the other day and they had worms and grubs inside."

Oh. She meant be careful with the acorns.


Now I refer to her as the lady-who-kept-me-from-bringing-grubs (I'm not even exactly sure what these are, but what a hideous word!) into-my-house instead of the staring-lady-who-doesn't-get-babywearing-and-isn't-afraid-to-say-so.

That nickname, however, still applies to the neighbor.

Happy Babywearing!


Adventures In Babywearing said...

LOL! I am the same way, too. I hate that I get my defenses up sometimes, but how wonderful when we get it wrong!


katie said...

So true, Steph. :)