Monday, January 17, 2011

{two months}

OK, I knew it had been awhile, but had not realized it's been two months since my last post! It makes sense though. The holidays. There's my explanation in one word. If that's all you want to read, that's perfectly fine. But, if you'd like a more wordy explanation for my absence, read on.

In the last two months, I:
  • crept a little further into my 30s
  • celebrated my baby turning 4
  • read a lot--perhaps I can't really say that I read a lot, but considering the slump I had been in this fall, for me to have read 3 books in the last 2 months is pretty significant. Do you use Goodreads? I've rated and reviewed the books there. But, to sum up, I read and liked Special Topics in Calamity Physics, Faithful Place, and The Hunger Games. I liked Tana French's Faithful Place so much that I forced it upon my husband and my mom, and immediately went out and got another of her books: The Likeness. That's next up, I think. Although, I do also have to start A Short History of Women for book group.
  • shopped, baked, and gift-wrapped in preparation for Christmas (little N's first!)
  • started wearing a hat!!! (This is noteworthy because I have never worn a hat. Honestly. I look awful in hats. That is, I look awful in every hat in the world except for the one that my fabulous husband found on Etsy.)
  • shoveled a lot of snow (while wearing my new hat)
  • lost my grandfather
  • spent a great deal of time among family; some happy times and some very sad times
  • witnessed some old family traditions be abandoned
  • made some goals for myself and our family--in case you'd like to try to help me stick to and follow through on these goals, I'll share a few in some later posts.
And how are you?

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Cheryl said...

Hey Mama! I have been feeling that creeping into my 30s ALOT lately! I'll be 35 in June too - eeeek! I'm so sorry about your grandpa too. YAY for reading. It's one of my goals for the NY and hope to get involved or start up a new book group later in the year when little guy is not so attached to the boob ;)