Friday, April 24, 2009

Got Books?

Check out this video of a Biblioburro in Columbia. Yes, it's a donkey bookmobile!

What an amazing effort to get books--a variety of books--into the hands, minds, and imaginations of the children here. I don't even know what else to say. It definitely gives me pause as a user and employee of the #1 rated library in the nation.


Cheryl said...

Hi Katie, thanks for sharing this video. It's bittersweet to watch.

I know this year I have come to realize how much I (and most Americans) have taken our libraries for granted. It's been so strange this year not having a public library (and an excellent one like columbus at that) at hand. Sometimes when I go to the small school library where we live now (and pay a fee for), I think of the children here (and all over the world) who don't have the access to books and it makes me really sad. I know one of the first things I am going to do when we get back to Columbus is check out no less than 100 books, well maybe 50 so I don't look bat crazy ;), and revel in the book goodness. And then go and donate some of our used books somewhere that needs them.

katie said...

Thanks Cheryl.

Reflecting on the kids portrayed here, and the Guatemalan kids my friend in the Peace Corps is building a school for, definitely motivates me to donate some of the time, money, and resources I take for granted.

P.S. Go for the 100! In fact, get E her own card so you can go for 200! ;)

Jenni said...

I'll watch the video. Thanks for posting--what a cool thing! Also, give the Cols library a hug from us! We miss it so much!

katie said...

Will do, Jenni. Thanks!

You know, all this time you've been commenting here I thought you were in Columbus!

Lou@weheartbooks said...

Hi Katie, this is a lovely clip and I have just posted one like it from Africa on my blog today. I have linked here to your blog. It's lovely to meet someone as passionate about children's books as myself and my co blogger, also a Katie. We look forward to reading more of your fantastic posts.