Monday, December 8, 2008

Closeups @ the Conservatory

Yesterday was our photo session with Jessi at Franklin Park Conservatory. She spent an hour with us as J urged us on to find the fish! We had an amazing time. I haven't seen any of her images yet, but from the fun we all had I know there will be some wonderful shots.
After our session, we let J wander (run) around a little more and I found this pretty bench.

Before we left, we went downstairs to check out the Christmas train. There was also a cute display of kids' handmade gingerbread houses. They were all very creative. There was even a gingerbread Big Red Dog sculpted next to a gingerbread doghouse labelled Clifford!

I think J could have watched that train go around the track for hours. It was hard to pull him away.

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Cheryl said...

Hey Katie! I just saw those amazing pictures of Jack on Jessi's blog. Wow. They are so fun! What a cutie. And FPC is just one of the best places to spend an afternoon, especially in the wintertime :) xx

katie said...

Thanks! I am so happy with the pics, and I haven't even seen all of them yet! And Jessi is exactly right - he is the SILLIEST!

Everybody else - check out Jessi's blog to see a sneak peek at our photo session: