Sunday, December 14, 2008

three beautiful things

  1. the laughter and noise of kids at a birthday party
  2. the calm quiet of the house during a late afternoon family nap
  3. getting mail from an author
In a previous Three Beautiful Things post I mentioned Hush Little Polar Bear, a book among our current faves. After checking out the author's web site I decided to send him a brief note complimenting him on his work and thanking him for the part he now plays in fostering J's love of reading. And, he responded - quite kindly!

Hi Katie,
Thanks so much for your email about HUSH LITTLE POLAR BEAR! What a nice surprise! I'm glad to hear how much you and your son enjoy the book. Getting a letter like yours with pictures of your son reading makes my job feel especially worth while.
Would it be ok with you if I shared your letter with my editor? He and I worked hard on that book, and I think he'd find it gratifying to hear how much your son enjoys it.
Also, thanks for the link on your blog. I appreciate your willingness to share my work with others like that. I checked out your blog. It's great! We have "Joe Joes" at our Trader Joes too. Good stuff.

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Anonymous said...

How cool that the author wrote you back such a nice note! Thanks for sharing with us. Inspires me to do the same...give some appreciation to the authors and other creators who are influencing my kids' lives.