Tuesday, December 9, 2008

three beautiful things

1. My little guy eating an apple. A whole apple! It's messy and noisy and hilariously adorable.

2. Christmas trees tied to the roofs of cars.

3. Trader Joe's "Joe Joe's". Oreo-type chocolate sandwich cookie with bits of candy cane crushed into the creme filling. Move on over Thin Mints!


Anonymous said...

I have another beautiful thing to add: your blog! This looks great and I'm so glad to know about you. Thanks for visiting my site and your kind words on my Writer Mama piece. Best wishes as you write and parent your little sweetie--he's adorable! Say hi to OSU, Figlio and the rest of Columbus--my husband and I lived there once upon a time.

katie said...

Oh, @writethejourney, you are too kind! Thanks for visiting and commenting. I plan to add your blog to my blogroll, as the more I read the more I love!

My husband and I are alums of OSU and frequent diners of Figlio's! I even worked there for a (VERY) brief time. Hmmm, actually, that story might make for a fun blog post someday. ;)

3/4 said...

Joe Joe's are amazing!

Anonymous said...

Oh, thanks for adding me to your blogroll--and for visiting! I will do likewise.

Oo, yes. I'd love to hear about your short-lived career at Figlio!