Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New Blog Series Coming!

Just wanted to get the word out that I'm gearing up to start a new blog series! I hope you'll find it helpful, but also fun...and maybe it will open things up to discussion a bit. I'm really excited by the idea to bring together some of the things I love and am passionate about: kids, motherhood (parenting), books, information-gathering, and story-swapping.

The series will be called Read Your Way Through ____. The blank being some aspect of parenting, toddlerhood, or child-rearing that we are apt to confront at some point. My basic intent to offer reviews and recommendations of books to get you and your child through the sweet, fun, chaotic, silly, special and challenging moments. The focus will most likely be picture books, but who knows... I am quite the "How To" non-fiction reader so I'll no doubt have some "adult" recommendations too, as they apply. Maybe I'll get crazy and throw in a web site every now and then, too!

In my planning, I've arranged a selection of stages, traits and milestones that is pretty lengthy and quite varied, with the intent of keeping things somewhat universal and relevant to many of our lives. Of course, I welcome topic suggestions too.

Stay tuned!


Erin said...

Hi. :) I live in the Columbus area too and spend an enormous amount of time at our library branch! Anyway.. just wanted to let you know I enjoy reading your blog and book recommendations! There are quite a few of my favorites on your list..

Have a wonderful day,

katie said...

Thanks Erin, for reading and for commenting. Glad to hear you're a frequent library visitor! :)