Friday, January 2, 2009

Top 5

Here's a handful of the books we've been reading over and over again since Christmas. All of them were gifts and J (and Mama) couldn't be happier. I am so pleased with the little library he has built up in his mere 2 years, and even more pleased that he is such a bookworm! It's very clear that much of his knowledge and creativity and silliness is due in large part to the amount of reading we've done together.
The other wonderful thing about the books we own is the fact that so many of them are gifts from other people. It means more, especially to me, that our collection isn't just due to the fact that I am an librarian. It's so special that family and friends have chosen books that make them think of J. So, I make it a point to help J to remember the connections between his books and the givers. I really believe that there's often a correlation between the gift-giver and the book...kind of like that idea that pet owners often look like their dogs!
Hug by Jez Alborough
Poor Bobo! Everywhere he goes, animals are hugging! Where is his hug? Mama and Baby Elephant escort him through the jungle to find the very best kind of hug.
J pores over the pages in this book and consistently looks concerned when we reach the page where Bobo is crying. (So sweet.) He also points at the word 'hug' on each page, runs his finger underneath it like he's seen me do, and says cheerfully, "Hug!" This is a GREAT book. Incorporates all kinds of Ready to Read skills.

Ribbit! by Bender and Bender
This hilarious book came from J's great-aunt, also a book lover. How cool that the Ohio-grown authors dedicated/autographed it to our little guy?! The crazy mix-and-match costumed frogs make the book appealing to a wide audience.

Jungle Gym by Stephen Krensky
J's Papa gave this book to him on Christmas. It's a cute rhyming, touch-and-feel counting book. Some time ago, Papa made a game out of teaching J silly little exercises, so this was a very fitting gift. Like the animals in the book, J and his Papa do push-ups, jumping jacks, and stretches. Goofy.

Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb by Al Perkins
Another silly rhyming book, this one was given to J from Nina. It's an oldie from 1969, and the rhythm is very Dr. Seuss-esque. When we were growing up, my brothers and I had this book and my mom remembers reading it over and over again. Apparently, when she saw it at the bookstore she could immediately recall most of the text and just knew J needed a copy. Here's a funny excerpt that J has been reenacting randomly while playing.

Kitten's First Full Moon by Kevin Henkes
This 2005 Caldecott Medal winner is just too fun to pass up. Kitten is so adorable, as is the adventure she goes on as she tries to reach that big bowl of milk in the sky.
Which books did you give or receive this holiday season? Or, do you have any current favorites, whether they're gifts or not?
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Cheryl said...

Do I comment entirely too much on your blog? ;) I can't help it, especially if it's about books!

We love Kitten's First Full Moon. Read it this morning actually! Poor Kitten! :) It'll be fun when I can read Eleanor Henkes' more preschool picture books with Eleanor.

We got a couple books for the holidays including Bear Stays Up for Christmas! And gave a few including: Dinosaur vs. Bedtime, Curious George Loves the Snow and Time to Pee!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

These books look so neat- I LOVE when my kids get books as gifts. It's my favorite gift to give, too.


nichole said...

I absolutely adore Kitten's First Full Moon. One of the most beloved books in our home.

I am off to check out some of your other favorites.

Michelle said...

I gave my 8 yr old cousin "James and the Giant Peach," and donated the book "Matilda" to the book drive at Barns and Noble. That book is one of my favorites (gotta love Roald Dahl).
-Michelle Rucker