Thursday, September 18, 2008


I am awed by this book. It's a collection of works by Charley Harper, an Ohio artist who just died last year. He called his style "minimal realism" and it is just lovely. The images are detailed, complex, and interesting while at the same time simple. It is a remarkable effect.

The book itself is also effective in presenting the alphabet to very young readers. The simplicity of the text makes it all the more easy for youngsters to make the connection between the letter and the corresponding image on the opposite page. Because of these qualities and just the sheer beauty of the book, I included it in my book review column for the October issue of Columbus Parent. I'm hoping it will be a hit with families who haven't yet discovered it.

J has picked up several new vocabulary words thanks to this book: hen, koala bear, web, and yak! The other day while scoping out Amazon, I noticed that there is a forthcoming Charley Harper's 123's book available for pre-order. I'll definitely be checking that out!

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