Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ready to Read!

As a mama librarian, I LOVE LOVE LOVE to read with kids, especially my little guy. This week we purchased a few new books and J is enthralled. We (FINALLY) have our own copy of Good Night, Gorilla, the large board book edition, and when we got home from the bookstore, J sat down with me and had me read it three times straight. I also bought First the Egg, which is a Caldecott Honor book from this year that is wonderful--simple yet unique and fun.

J has recently fallen in love with Maisy books. In the past, he wasn't especially interested in them, but for the last couple of weeks he constantly requests a Maisy book. The favorites right now are Maisy's Colors (or as he calls it, "May May Tolor") and More Fun with Maisy.

There's a phrase in Maisy's Colors that reads, "blue dolphin in a blue sea" and for some silly reason reading this line brings on a fit of giggles for J. It's so random and we can't figure it out, but it's also so funny that we've begun to read that page with extra emphasis or in a silly voice.

But, my most proud reading moment with J happened last night. We were reading stories before bed when J pointed to a capital A on the page and said, "triangle"! A perfect example that J is developing Letter Knowledge--a pre-reading skill!

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Cheryl said...

I've always loved that age when boys love to read Maisy :) So sweet!