Friday, September 12, 2008

Day 2

Well, being up until 1:30am setting up this blog last night left me struggling this morning to get J and I to a playdate on time. Luckily, he slept in and I was able to get ready quickly, although I had to go a little heavy on my Bobbi Brown under eye concealer!

The playdate was very relaxing, which in hindsight seems miraculous considering there were 7 children under the age of 5 and 4 moms! The rain outside encouraged us to veg out and gab over brunch and lots of coffee. The older kids pretended to be firefighters putting out fires, and the younger ones played with trains, blocks, and pop-up toys.

The mamas talked about motherhood, families, our kids' personalities, transitions like school or a new baby, and some fun stuff, but it was an utterly supportive and nonjudgmental conversation. I LOVE that. I am very lucky to have a great number of friends who can appreciate different parenting styles and dynamics. I am also comforted that they, and their kids, will be a part of J's life.

We came home about noon for lunch and then J wanted to play with his stamps and stickers. He was content in his high chair for about 20 minutes, and I snapped a few cute photos. And, he actually posed! This is a new feat! I asked him to show me his stickers and he obligingly straightened his arms and smiled up at me!

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