Saturday, September 20, 2008

Fall begins tomorrow!

And we embraced the cooler weather by going apple picking on Friday. Officially, this was J's second trip to Lynd's Fruit Farm, but this time he was old enough to help with the picking...and eating. :)

He was totally into it. To keep him from eating apples off the ground, I had to tell him that those apples were yucky. So, we picked a nice one for him to eat and as we wandered around the orchards, he continued to point to the fallen apples and remind me that they were yucky.

While we filled our bag, J spoke the same words over and over between bites: apple, red apple, big apple, big bite, apple tree, apple, yucky. Maybe the repetition was helping him cement the experience in his mind?

It was really neat to see him process such a new and fascinating experience. I want to go back in a couple weeks--both for the fun, and for more apples! Yum!

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mister todd said...

Did they weigh him before he went in? ;-)