Friday, September 12, 2008

The Beginning

I am relatively new to the blogosphere. Blogging is something that I haven't given much thought to over the last few years. There are some great bloggers out there and I enjoy reading a few occasionally, but it really hasn't occurred to me that I might have something to blog about.

That is, until recently. I'm finding myself relying on the computer more and more these days. Online banking, photo sharing, email, instant messaging and shopping are just some of the draws for me. Second, my work as a librarian is very centered around computers and technology. I recently created a blog for a project at work, which has left me feeling more at ease with the idea of sharing bits and pieces of my life with the rest of the world. ;)

The real "push", though, is that recently I feel the desire to have a space--one space where I can bring together my different interests and also explore new ones. The last two years have brought significant change and I find myself being pulled in many different directions and into some new realms. I'd like to use this space to flush out some of my ideas and interests, namely writing, parenting, photography, literature, and technology.

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