Saturday, November 29, 2008

10 Random Things

For a project at work, staff were encouraged to participate in this meme. Participants were to list 10 random things about themselves, publish it to their blog, and then send out a Twitter update when finished. The goal was a networking/getting-to-know-you experience.

I've had fun reading others' random things and thought I'd extend the challenge out to those of you outside of the library blogosphere. Have fun!

  1. OK, the CML stuff first. I was a Page before there were LSA’s and a Clerk before CSA’s and CSS’s. I’ve been in the system 12 years. (Yes, I realize this sounds like gibberish to all you non-library folks. Sorry. None of the other 'things' will; promise.)
  2. My husband and I met at the library, although he was not an employee. (We’re actually kind of the result of a set-up.) We’ve been married 8 1/2 years. If not for him, I would not have absorbed so much Seinfeld trivia nor developed an interest in the Tour de France.
  3. My retirement dream is to move to Maine, buy an old farmhouse, and open a bed & breakfast.
  4. I have naturally curly hair and it drives me crazy when people ask me about it - I don’t like the implication that I might possibly have a perm!
  5. I love to travel. A few years ago, the husband and I took a cross-country 3-week trip out West, visiting St. Louis, MO; Moab, UT; Sedona, Flagstaff and Grand Canyon, AZ; Santa Fe and Taos, NM before looping back home. The kicker–we made the trip in my ‘94 standard transmission, NO cruise control Saturn. Yeah, that made the Rockies interesting. Still, it’s our favorite trip.
  6. I can’t stand the word ‘whatnot’.
  7. Typos, misprints, grammatical errors, the stuff on Jay Leno’s Headlines are my worst pet-peeves. That’s why I enjoy reading this blog.
  8. Garden gnomes freak me out.
  9. As a child, I was i n c r e d i b l y shy. I hated talking to ’strangers’ like my parents friends, employees at stores or restaurants, doctors, etc., even on the telephone. I’m not sure when I got over all that…maybe not until high school.
  10. I love mail. As much as I enjoy and feel thankful for email, blogging, IM, chat, etc., I still love sending and receiving handwritten notes and letters. Besides feeling special and more personal, one of the best things about mail is that it combines two things that I love/am fascinated by: stationery and people’s handwriting.

Care to share your 10 random things?

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katie said...

My friend Katie just sent me her 10 random things -- in a beautiful handwritten notecard! How clever!

We've been friends for about 20 years now, so I was amazed to learn a couple things about her:
1. She loves motorcycle rides!
2. She loves Latin American soap operas, despite their sappiness and tendancy toward the overdramatic.
3. Since living in Guatemala, she's eaten chicken hearts, chicken feet, cow's knees, and roasted ants. UGH! I could barely type that sentence!

Thanks, Kate, for participating!