Tuesday, November 25, 2008

the year of the book and another favorite thing

Books are always a big part of the gift-giving I do, and this Christmas is no different, although I think it's a little heavier on the book side than most years. I am really excited though because I got some wonderful titles that I think will really match up with the recipients' personalities.

A HUGE Amazon shipment arrived today, which is another of my favorite things! What is it about the delayed gratification of making online purchases that I just love? Plus, most of the time I forget half of what I ordered so it's like opening up a surprise. :)

So, combined with what I bought at Barnes & Noble last week, I've got an incredible set of books to gift this year. And, with Christmas still a month away, there's a good chance I'll add a few more books to the pile before the big day. Two others that I'm thinking may be just too good not to own are Fifteen Animals by Sandra Boynton and Dinosaur vs. Bedtime by Bob Shea.

What books are going to be part of your gift-giving this year? What are some titles on your own wish list?

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Cheryl said...

Ah, I'm jealous. I used to get books from Amazon all the time and now with living abroad I am finding books are so much more expensive. Also miss my often trips to Half Price Books!

Dinosaur vs. Bedtime is a definite on our list this year for Eleanor and one of her buddies for Christmas too! :)