Tuesday, November 18, 2008

"Awwww, I'm telling!"

Isn't that a common refrain in most childhoods? It certainly was in mine, most likely as a result of having two younger brothers. (Ha ha.) Looking back, it doesn't seem as though we worked many conflicts out between ourselves. We very often resorted to the threat of "I'm telling on you", and then did precisely that.

Well, considering J is an only child at this point and not even 2 years old, it never crossed my mind that he could have already become somewhat of a tattletale. I don't look forward to mediating his future squabbles, but, so far, his version of telling on someone is actually pretty fun!

A couple weeks ago, he and I were making our weekly trip to Target. When he spotted the big red balls out in front of the store he exclaimed, "Tah-get!" Then, he went on to say, "Daddy Tah-get. Daddy hot coffee." It only took me a second to realize he was referring to Daddy's secret habit of stopping at the Target Starbucks before grabbing the diapers and dog food (the original reason for the errand). Oh, how I loved busting him out on that one!

This little incident has taught me two things:
1. I now know that I need to be careful about letting J in on my own secret habits (also often involving coffee);
and, 2. I should plan to take him around to all of Daddy's stomping grounds to see what other secrets are divulged!

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