Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Flannel Board Fun

A month or so ago I made a flannel board for J and started making a collection of flannel pieces that he could manipulate and play creatively with. If my experiences presenting storytimes taught me anything, it's that kids FREAK about flannel stories. They are just drawn to them and you can see in their little faces how hard they are trying to stay seated and resist yanking all the pieces off the board. (But, of course, that inevitably happens sometimes, too.)
Well, true to my experiences, J is really taken by the flannel board. (And Daddy and I are too!) We had a few friends over last week for a playdate, and all the kids (from 1 1/2 to 5) were very interested in it. This winter I am hoping to make a lot more pieces. So far, we've basically just got a starter set of a few animals, a tree, a sun, and a moon.
The flannel board is a 20 x 24 artist's canvas that I covered in brown flannel with spray adhesive and some upholstery staples. Once we borrow my dad's masonry drill bits we'll mount it to the wall in the playroom. Easy peasy.
I chose the canvas as the backing because I found one really cheap. I also considered using heavy cardboard, foam-core board, or even a piece of mdf. (Although, for the latter, I probably would have covered it in some batting before stretching the flannel over it.)
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funfelt said...

Oh these are great! You are right kids LOVE flannel boards! It is one of those classic timeless toys kids are really drawn to! You might want to check out what Story Time Felts has, and see J's reaction! :)

katie said...

Thank you @funfelt! Nice products there, as well as some great information about literacy and learning for parents and caregivers. Thanks for sharing.

Cheryl said...

I have been wanting to make Eleanor a flannel board for awhile now. I love that large one you might have seen on the Artful Parent....can you believe they don't have felt here that I can find? uh. Have to get some shipped I guess for the felt fun! :)