Sunday, November 23, 2008

little bunny foo foo

You know how it seems that not a day goes by that kids learn something new? Well, the new feat in our house is the bunny hop.
Jumping is not only J's favorite way to transport himself around the house and yard, but has also developed into the hilarious new game he constantly plays. Whether it's jumping around the living room, jumping as a dance form, jumping on the bed or sofa, or jumping off of various objects (laundry baskets, steps, chairs), it is the way to go. ;)
Innovation: make your own jungle gym.

The balancing act.

Ha! I'm so proud of myself!

Get ready, Mama, I'm going to jump!

I recently read an article in Wondertime's October 2008 issue about jumping. It had a couple of interesting points about jumping being a developmental milestone, something I hadn't ever thought much about. When J started this jumping craze, I pulled the issue back out to read it again. Here's a portion of the essay:
Jumping might not seems like a remarkable feat, but clearing a puddle requires balance, strength, and the precise coordination of arms, knees, and hips...
Kids learn to jump soon after they learn to run, usually starting at about 24 months. First a child tries taking a single step down a stair, says Dale Ulrich, professor of kinesiology at the University of Michigan. Next she'll explore other kinds of objects "that are jump-offable, then over-able and around-able."
At about 30 months, once kids have the leg strength to defy gravity and the balance they need for landing, jumps become more sophisticated--bunny hops, for instance, that move the jumper not just up but forward.
Happy hopping...

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Cheryl said...

Huh. Eleanor started doing alot of jumping lately. Thanks for this share! It also reminds me again that our kiddos are just a week apart in age :)

katie said...

@Cheryl, it's funny, isn't it--all this jumping? After J jumps around awhile he'll use on of his favorite sentences (or rather, commands), "Mama try."


But, it is nice to know that it has a purpose, besides being silly and burning off some energy.